Must Haves for Stylish Comfort

If you are anything like me then you are all about comfort. I have to dress up five days a week so on my off days I want to break out those homey pieces that would get me kicked out of the office. However, it's winter so throwing on a nice sandal or tank top is no longer an option. There's no reason why you can't be comfortable and cute even in the blistery cold season. Below are some of my favorite go to outfits when I want to give my body a break while remaining fierce honey. 

One day an angel came down to earth, literally walked in our shoes, slapped us all in the face, and yelled "Why on earth do you walk in these?!?!" Before returning to Heaven she left us a gift from above that would be the answer to corns and bunions across the world, Uggs!!! When these boat-shaped boots released many years ago I never thought that they and I would have the love affair that we do today. They are like walking on little clouds created just for our feet. Pair them with jeggings and an oversized sweater and bam! You are comfortably cute.

Nothing is more difficult to dress for then rain! You don't want to mess up your good suede kicks by stepping in a puddle and you don't want to get your feet wet by wearing flats. Perfect solution: rain boots! Pair them with a fierce rain jacket and leather gloves and you are now waterproof.

On those rare occasions that the weather breaks 50 degrees here on the east coast, I like to go for a jog, usually to the grocery store to stock up on...healthy food of course (new year, new me LOL). On store runs I like to toss on my sneakers with yoga pants, my military jacket, and a backpack to store groceries.

Every fashionable chick has their must haves for comfy, cute days. Tell us your's below in the comments!

-Renée Nicole
IG: ms_disclosednative

Mid-Week Inspiration: Warning Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

An unhealthy relationship can leave you feeling uncomfortable, bitter, sad and afraid. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories or know someone that's involved in a bad situation with their partner especially when they don't realize or accept the fact that the relationship is at a dead end. On the outside looking in we think they should leave but maybe they don't have the courage or emotional strength to break free. Often times people stay in this type of environment with hopes that things will change or that they can make their partner better. Sometimes they stay due to fear of the repercussions that come with leaving. Unfortunately, it gradually gets worse over time until someone walks away or gets hurt.

Most people don't recognize they are in an unhealthy relationship.  Everyone around the couple notices the negative effects but them because they are in denial.  They will make excuses for their mate or become defensive when questioned about their relationship.  Friends and family will notice a decline in confidence, self-esteem, emotional and physical health. The sad part about it is most will try to hide things from loved ones or put up a façade to prove everyone wrong. It takes a person to really hit a low point before they realize the damaging effects of the relationship.

Here's a few warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. Hopefully, this will help many women and men to get out of a situation before it ends in murder suicide or anything else damaging to an individual. 

Controlling Behavior - Beware of someone that falls deeply in love with you after a couple dates and insists on being with you 24/7. Don't confuse jealousy with love. Cut it off immediately.

Isolating Behavior - They don't want you hanging out with your family or friends. They expect to be involved in what you are doing at all times. If you’re asked to cut off all social ties then this is a sign that he/she is possessive. Let it go!

Unpredictable Behavior – Some examples are mood swings, easily angered or agitated over simple things. Unexpected visits or mysterious surprises are also suspicious.     

Abusive Behavior - They don't have respect for you or your feelings. They embarrass you in public, around family and friends. Abuse can be verbal, physical, and/or mental. 

Selfish Behavior - They are self-centered and only doing things that are beneficial to them. They will ignore your feelings and make all decisions whether you agree or not. 

Being in an unhealthy relationship can be very dangerous on so many levels. It is not always about abuse; if you love, support, nurture and cater to someone with all your heart but it's not reciprocated and you begin to question your value and what can you do better even when you're not the issue, this is a sign to hang it up. You can't change a hateful heart.  You can create the most peaceful loving atmosphere for someone but they still can remain unhappy. Sometimes it’s best to leave things behind and start fresh.

Do not be deceived: "Bad company corrupts good morals." 1 Corinthians 15:23

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Do you see any of these signs in your romance?  Do not ignore it, do something about it.

Madelyn Monroe
Twitter: @disclosednative

Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness!!!

It doesn’t matter how old I get, every Thanksgiving morning I wake up and turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to start off my turkey day right. I love the spirit of the holidays; the bright and colorful lights, the harmonious tunes, and of course great food! But this Thanksgiving Day I can’t help but be grateful for how far God has brought me.

My relationship with the Lord has only strengthened and I’m so excited about the journey He has for me in the years to come. I am grateful for the ability to live out the call God has on my life. I am honored to have been selected out of so many to accomplish and conquer great feats for the Kingdom of God. More than anything else in this amazing life I am just thankful for my relationship with Him.

Knowing God means that I recognize His voice. I know when He is pointing me in a specific direction and I can immediately obey. Why? Because I know it’s Him and He will only lead me where I can safely follow and hold His hand along the way. It is refreshing to know I am making the right decision because of His astounding discernment directing my heart and ordering my steps.

While I am grateful for health, family, and friends, the love that I experience from my Heavenly Father outweighs all else and provides me with security. My prayer for all of our readers is that you will experience God’s unconditional love that continues to keep you in the midst of every mistake you make. I pray that you will develop a bond with Him unlike any you have experienced on earth and seek Him before making decisions. Let Him lead you and be grateful for this life He has given.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Learning to Let Go: Beyoncé- Ring Off

Yessss!!! Don't be afraid to take that ring off! I'm so proud of Bey for dropping this record. Mamas sacrifice so much of their lives for their families. Many lose their identity in attempting to please their man while making sure the diapers are changed, the bills are paid and dinner is ready by 6.

This love letter from Beyoncé to her mother is an ode to letting go and discovering freedom for oneself. You are not letting your children down by choosing to be happy. You are creating a better environment for them to learn and grow. Never give up on your marriage. But if you are placing your family in an unhealthy, unsafe, or destructive situation, you do have the option to remove that cancer...and start all over again.

Until you had enough then you took that ring
And now the fun begins
You dust yourself off and you love again

You live and learn that's just the way life goes

Now after all your tears
After all the pain's all clear Mama
After all them years
We can start all over again Mama
Now it all makes sense 
Letting go is never the end Mama
We can love again
This is where freedom begins Mama

-Renée Nicole
IG: ms_disclosednative           

Winter Fashion: Loving Layers!

Is it Winter yet? My goodness, with the recent Arctic wind chill it sure feels like it.  As much as I love the winter wonderland I don't like the shivering, blistering cold wind that leaves your cheeks and lips chapped or your skin dry and scaly.  Layering your clothing is a way to maximize your comfort during the winter months.  

Check out ways to stay warm and chic without looking big and bulky while doing it. You can find lots of sleek form-fitting layers to ensure you're warm and cuddly while enjoying a night out on the town with your girls or with a lucky fella!  What's your staple garment for winter?

-Madelyn Monroe

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