Founder of "For Brown Girls", Karyn Washington Commits Suicide

Karyn Washington, founder of For Brown Girls and the #DarkSkinRedLip project has died at the young age of 22. Allegedly, her death has been ruled a suicide.  Karyn devoted her life to empowering and uplifting dark-skinned African American girls and women. Washington encouraged black women to embrace the beauty of their darker complexion.  

The Baltimore native was an advocate for female African Americans that needed encouragement and lacked self-love. During an interview in 2012 with Madame Noire Karyn said,
I would like for ‘FBG’ to be a catalyst for change encouraging self-love and instilling pride in one’s skin complexion. The movement’s goal will be for new generations of darker skinned girls to not even have one thought of wishing to be lighter, to never doubt their beauty. My hope is for this “issue” to eventually be nonexistent but it does start with us. I’m also hoping I can do my part and make a change to where, darker skinned girls know they are beautiful no matter what anyone says.
Depression is something that is often overlooked in the African American community.We are taught to pray about everything and give it to God.  If there is a point where you feel a sense of depression and hopelessness please talk to someone whether it be a close friend, family member, or a professional.  Everyone needs an outlet.  As friends and family members we should pay attention to  signs of depression and help those in need. The mind is so powerful and can create an internal battle that no one knows you're dealing with or understand. Washington empowered countless women to love the skin they are in yet we didn't know she was dealing with her own battles. Be aware and pay attention to the ones you love. It may save a life.  

Disclosed... sends heart felt condolences to Karyn's loved ones. 

-Madelyn Monroe

Tamela Mann, Lalah Hathaway, Chanté Moore,Tye Tribbett & More Wow at BET's 2014 Celebration of Gospel

Last night BET aired its 14th Celebration of Gospel and it was nothing less than amazing. Hosted by Taraji P. Henson, the show featured the greatest talents in gospel music from Tamela Mann to Yolanda Adams to Tye Tribbett. Secular artists also came to sing praises; Chante Moore, Charlie Wilson, and Eddie Levert shut it down with their powerful, inspirational pieces.

Of my favorite performances were Yolanda Adams who took us back, Tamela Mann helping us imagine what it will be like to meet our Savior, a soulful duet by Jonathan McReynolds and India Arie, and another jazzy duet with Lalah Hathaway and Zacardi Cortez. Also an extremely moving tribute to gospel legend Richard Smallwood left me in "Total Praise."

One thing about gospel artists is that they always give quality sound!!! This is not the BET Awards where you have to guess who is lip syncing or painfully suffer through off-key harmonies. These ladies and gents bring true gifts to the stage followed by anointing.

Many people were looking for Steve Harvey who has hosted the show in all of its prior 13 years on the air but Taraji explained that it was time for him to pass the torch in addition to him having 80 million other jobs to tend to.

Despite the lack of normal funny, the musical talent at this year's Celebration was almost too good to put into words. Check out all of the performances below!


-Renée Nicole
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Disclosed Fashion Find of the Day: Fearless Femme Jewelry

Disclosed has an eye for fashion. From kicks to fits, we are all about a good buy and we love to recognize new business owners showcasing their love for attire and accessories. There's no greater feeling than when that entrepreneur is one of your own. Disclosed's Madelyn Monroe has been making jewelry since she's been talking entertainment and following much anticipation she has released her jewelry line Fearless Femme.

The line currently features custom made bracelets of assorted colors, beads, and charms. Unlike many other jewelry companies, Madelyn brings to life the design that you create while adding a personal touch that will be greater than you envisioned.

Check me out rocking my new custom made wrist game from Fearless Femme and read an exclusive interview with Madelyn Monroe below:

How long have you been making jewelry?
I've been making jewelry for family and friends for years but I didn't get serious until about a year ago.

What's your favorite quote?
My favorite quote is from Colin Powell "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."

Why do you love jewelry?
I love jewelry because you're able to express yourself through different pieces and convey your individuality. You're able to turn your basic into something bold.

How will your line empower others?
I feel as though my products will empower others to be unique and fearless. I want to empower my consumers to live out loud and be free to express themselves. My line offers exclusive, chic fashionable pieces.

What is Fearless Femme?
Fearless Femme is an online handcrafted jewelry boutique for the confident, audacious consumer. Fearless Femme will deliver a wide selection of limited unique affordable pieces that will change frequently. Fearless Femme implies a sense of vitality and style that is used to target and attract with trendy accessories that will stand out in a crowd. Fearless Femme will also offer custom designs upon request to customers to provide exclusivity. 

Fearless Femme is not just for women. There are pieces catering to the manly man as well. Being fearless means stepping out of the box, taking a leap of faith, or just being unafraid to be you. Boldly accessorize by placing your orders today at!

IG: @iamtonia

Dream Chaser

Emerald Mermaid

Uniquely You



Man's World

Pink Spice

Posh Piece

-Renée Nicole
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Towson University Students Become First Black Female Pair to Win National Debate Championship

LtoR: Coach Ignacio Evans, Ameena Ruffin, Korey Johnson, Coach Amber Kelsie

Towson University, a public university in Baltimore, MD of approximately 22,000 students competed in the National Debate Championship in Indiana late last month. Their representatives 18-year-old sophomore Korey Johnson and 21-year-old junior Ameena Ruffin competed and won becoming the first African American females to ever take such a competition.

Their winning argument over Oklahoma covered the topics of police brutality, the prison-industrial complex and structural poverty issues to a warlike violence against African-Americans in the U.S. and identified solutions.

Johnson described the experience as "surreal." 

"The arguments we construct are like mini-dissertations," Johnson said. "One of our strongest things is being adaptable, not just to our opponents, but when you get judges, you have to assume that they're susceptible to certain types of arguments."

Amber Kelsie, one of two coaches for Towson's debate program, compared the championship to the Super Bowl of debate championships. "I'm beside myself," Kelsie said. "They're just amazing, remarkable young women."

Johnson and Ruffin are now ranked among the top 16 debate teams. Individually Ruffin placed second and Johnson placed fourth. The duo earned a first round bid in the 2014 National Debate Tournament, an invitation-only national championship.

I couldn't be prouder that two young black women from my alma mater are representing in such a big way. To defeat odds and fight stereotypes of not only black people but of black women is incredible. I am overjoyed.

-Renée Nicole
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Nicki Minaj and John Wall Grant 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Wish

Along with Nicki Minaj's nice, new, sleek look she is making a difference in the life of others. The Young Money rapstress made 5-year-old cancer patient, Miyah's wish come true. Miyah, who was diagnosed with Stage 3B Burkitts Lymphoma, made her request for one of Nicki Minaj's pink wigs in an Instagram video with Washington Wizards star John Wall.

John addressed Nicki in the vid on March 7:

What’s up Nicki! My buddy Miyah has cancer. Come on Nicki, help us out. Help Miyah get one of those pink wigs!

This past weekend, Nicki personally delivered the wig herself.

I’m so happy that you got your pink wig. I think you are beautiful without the pink wig okay? But whenever you want to play dress up and feel like a little barbie doll that’s fine. Remember, you promised me that you are going to stay in school!

This is the kind of stuff I love to hear! This is what having influence is all about. Check out the pics and videos from Miyah's meetings with John and Nicki below.

-Renée Nicole
IG: ms_disclosednative


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