Lisa Raye: The Real McCoy?

Tonight was the season premiere of Lisa Raye: The Real McCoy. Yawn, big stretch, wake me up when it's over. I have to give it to Lisa Raye for attempting to make her life appear interesting, but ummmm...boredom is the only thing that comes to mind.

So we spend the entire first episode watching Lisa Raye whine, cry, and complain about her cousin Stacy, who is her assistant, losing her bag.  She has an event in Puerto Rico and Stacy leaves her Louis V containing her hair, make-up and jewels at the airport unattended and someone snatches it up.

Stacy said it best, "Lisa Raye is just over the top."

Lisa Raye makes her cousin look like a straight fool with the way she treats her.  She's like Kim's Sweetie (Real Housewives of Atlanta).  Homegirl is crying and apologizing for losing a bag that Lisa Raye could've carried herself.  She needs to grow up and realize things like this happen!

The show ends with Lisa Raye recovering her bag, boo-hooing, and wondering if she should fire Stacy.--Wake back up now

The second episode was more interesting as Lisa Raye searched for models to showcase her new jeans—white of course—by PZI jeans.  I was glad to see she is working even when she’s not acting.  

Peep scenes from the first and second episodes below.

-Renée Nicole


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