Goodie Mob Reunion On The Voice

Sweet Baby Jesus you've answered my cry!!!!!

Lawd Goodie Mob came together last night on The Voice and performed the NEW single Fight to Win!  You better believe it when I tell you I went complete apeshit when I saw this performance.  I am an absolute DIE HARD FAN!  I love Goodie Mob.  I asked God to make his happen....Thank you sweet Jesus for answering my prayers.  Andre 3-Stacks even stopped by the show.  I was waiting for a surprise Outkast reunion!  That would have been heaven right here on earth!  

Ceelo, Khujo, Big Gipp, and T-mo have recorded 15 songs for the album entitled Age Against the Machine but there is not yet a release date.  "This is a continuation of what Goodie Mob stands for," says Ceelo.  He goes on to call the project "African Americana."  It's something about Goodie Mob that you can't help but to embrace and love.  The positivity they express throughout the African American community and how they touch on all subjects such as racism, politics, and discrimination.  I'm ecstatic!  Goodie Mob is back!

On a lighter note...Atlanta's very own Pip was eliminated. :( 

Did you guys get a chance to check out their stellar performance?  Check it out below and post your thoughts.



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