I’ve had Mary Mary’s entire Something Big album on repeat since my girls that I teach dance to at church decided to move to the tune of “Something Big.” But one song on the album has made such an impact on my mind. And I happened to find an old video of Mary Mary describing it as their favorite song on the album.

Erica stated something that just touched my soul to tears:

“You can be in the darkest place but if you’re holding the hand of someone who loves you; you can be at the lowest point but if there’s somebody who loves you who can brush the dust off your knee or can lift you up when you’re weak, I will stay in that place until it’s my time to shine and when I shine it’s gonna be so freakin’ bright, we gon’ all have to wear shades. So I will sit on the sideline as long as HE’S sitting with me”
I have allowed myself in so many instances to get in the deepest rut because of what someone did or said to me or didn’t do or say to me. But I mustn’t forget that I have someone who loves me more than anyone in this world ever could. I have a Savior who is willing to have nails placed in his hands and feet and die for me. What greater love is there than that?

We’re always in pursuit of human affection and love. But when you can honestly in your heart say “Lord, you’re enough for me. I’ll sit on the sideline BY MYSELF as long as I know you’re always with me,” it is then and only then that you’ve experienced true love. Because at that point you realize that God loves you more than any person is capable of. And He’s a jealous God. He doesn’t want you putting anyone or anything else before Him. So of course if you’re focusing more on a man than your responsibilities in Christ, God’s going to use that relationship to hurt you until you realize that nothing and no one can take His place.

When you realize that and are willing to give Him first place; when you’re willing to take the spotlight off of you and your feelings and emotions, God will cause you to shine so bright that you won’t be able to contain it all.

Go ahead and take a seat. Let all of those wild, unruly girls get all of the attention. And when they’ve ruined themselves chasing a man, God will bless you with something so much greater.

Sorry ya’ll—that one was personal:-)

-Renée Nicole



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